Attorney Timothy W. Denney has written several publications and produced several radio spots on the subject of Religious Freedom.  Each publication and transcript of the radio spots are linked below.

Religious Freedom 101

Released Time Religious Instruction and the Law

Telling Your Community About Your Church

Public School Distribution of Community Group Materials Advertising Religious Events

Religious Freedom in the Public Schools: Three Doors of Opportunity Already Open to You

Radio Spot #1 - Student Bible Club Meetings in Public Schools

Radio Spot #2 - Lunch Hour Bible Studies at School

Radio Spot #3 - Released Time Classes

Radio Spot #4 - Student Religious Literature Distribution

Radio Spot #5 - Equal Access to Public Facilities

Radio Spot #6 - Legal Protection for Christians in the Workplace

Radio Spot #7 - School Sporting Event Prayer Case

Radio Spot #8 - Religious Topics in Student Assignments

Radio Spot #9 - Religious Themes in Student Book Reports

Radio Spot #10 - Good News: Equal Access to Elementary Schools

Radio Spot #11 - Churches and Child Abuse Prevention

Radio Spot #12 - Why do we need Christian Attorneys?

Radio Spot #13 - New Child Abuse Reporting Requirement for Clergy

Radio Spot #14 - Door to Door Evangelism

Radio Spot #15 - New Education Guidelines on Religious Activities in the Public School









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